Barnoldswick Local History Articles

Thursday, May 06, 2004


ONEGUY NEWS. is really taking off. We shall soon hit 1000 page views a day, quite remarkable for a community site. One thing that has surprised us is the way the internal dynamics of the site have made us re-assess what 'community' means. We started off thinking in terms of our own patch but it has become obvious that 'local history' in the old antiquarian sense is dead. we are getting membership and contributions from all over the world.

Initially, these are usually triggered by either a connection or an interest in history but these contacts soon develop into sharing of biographies and comments on the topics on the site. It's fascinating stuff and we've even got a lady in Australia using us an example of how web-publishing can give ordinary people a global voice in her doctorate. I've always been convinced that the advent of the Web was a quantum shift in communications and the evidence we are getting is that this is starting to happen on our site. One of the advantages is that all the contributions will be archived in Clitheroe Castle where my Barnoldswick Project is part of the Lancashire Record Office collections.

So, if you want to be preserved for posterity get on to Oneguy, register and make a contribution. We are interested in what some historians would regard as 'trivia'. The Lancashire textile Project, which is on the Oneguy site, is rapidly gaining recognition as a wonderfully descriptive archive of the East Lancashire textile industry and is made up entirely of ordinary workers talking about their lives. This fills in the gaps at the micro level that conventional history has missed. The evidence carries the unique guarantee that it is genuine prime source, it is straight from the mouths of the people who made the history and has not been filtered or polluted in any way.

We need nw contributors to fuel growthand widen our base. You can help by contributing. Please look at what is going on on the site and comment on anything. Registration is immediate, clean and free. This is a pro bono site with no funding, no advertisments, no gathering of emails or adware. It is like the sources of the information, as near pure as we can make it.

Please join us.

Love to All. Stanley.