Barnoldswick Local History Articles

Saturday, December 29, 2001

Hi there! This is my first attempt at blogging and if it's as easy as they say I shall post backnumbers of my Barlick View articles here.

For the vast majority of you who haven't the faintest idea what 'Barlick View' is and have managed to have a life without this essential information, read on. Barlick View is a local free paper published for the towns of Barnoldswick and Earby in Lancashire, UK. It is basically an advertising sheet but the editors have always included some editorial to capture the reader's interest. The weekly circulation is approx. 10,000. I am a retired Crumbly who has had an interesting life and is fascinated by local history. The editors of Barlick View agreed to publish any thoughts I have on this subject and so eighteen months ago, my articles started to appear in print each week.

They grew from small comments and replies to queries from readers and soon became 2000 word articles on various esoteric subjects, all of them local history oriented. I soon realised that this was possibly a unique situation, I was being read by a large number of people each week, I've no idea of the actual number but it must be in the thousands. I soon started to get feedback and it became clear that the readers were hungry for this sort of information. I asked a friend who teaches at a mid-Western college in the States how he would go about getting a thousand students to read 2000 words of history every week, 52 weeks a year. He said it would be impossible.

So, like Topsy, the contact and content has grown and while I can't prove it, I am certain it must make a difference to the local community and how they view their town. Who knows, it may reduce vandalism, spark interest in school work or even inform teachers! The only certain thing is that the editor seems to like the articles and he is no fool! So, until somebody tells me I am wasting my time, I shall continue to churn out the local history of the town.

I shall write a description of the town first to orient readers on this site who have no knowledge of Barlick (we locals call the town Barlick, not Barnoldswick and refer to ourselves as 'Barlickers')

Thanks for taking the time to read this. Look at what I have been doing and perhaps ask yourself whether it could be done in your home town. In my experience, editors are always open to offers of free copy!

Best to you all, Stanley.